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Hello Traders,

On Tuesday, May 6th, Sean will be presenting” Wave to Wave Higher Time Frame Analysis.”
No matter what system you are using to day trade, it is important to confirm the direction of the market with higher time frame analysis.  Join us for this live event describing the approach we use to break down each wave on specific time frames to gain the highest odds of success.
Register early for this special event, using the link below.

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Free Webinar


This event will feature 13 professional traders in every market.  Next Level Futures Trading will be discussing the importance to the higher time frame, and using it to trade the market wave to wave. Click this link to sign up

All registrants will have access to the recorded sessions.  Other topics to be covered include:

  • Powerful Option Setups
  • Futures Trading Techniques
  • Stock Trading(intra-day, and swing)
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SLV GLD Update – Move Stops


On 1.20 we did a SLV and GLD update saying that the support should hold and both GLD and SLV should make a move higher. The entry on SLV was around $18.50 and GLD enter was $120.00

Both have made a move up and like I said before these are long term positions for me because I am buying physical gold and silver so I am holding for the long term but if you entered these trades as a quick trade ...

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Remember SKF?



Back in the day SKF was a big mover with daily ranges of $30 – $40 points. People made a fortune and lost a fortune trading SKF in the past. SKF is a speculative stock based on the financials. Its a inverse tracking stock so if financials go down SKF goes up. I haven’t looked at this stock for a long time but I think it is time to give SKF a shot to the upside. Today SKF came down ...

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For those of you that have been following this blog for some time you might remember that I bought physical silver last year in August for around $27. This is a long term position and I said if it goes lower I would look to buy more. Right now might be the time to buy more but again if it goes lower I am buying more. This is a retirement type position and I have many years to hold the position. Below ...

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Symmetry resistance was hit


Since the August highs the symmetry on the DOW has been 115% which was hit today at 15,823. Tomorrow is going to be important in the fact that if the market stays strong and closes above the highs of today then the odds say the market continues higher. If the market trades down to sideways the next few days off the high of today there could be another sharp decline.

At this point it is anyone guess but if the market ...

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Two stocks that could double if not triple are CDE and GNK.

CDE is at a monthly buy pattern and the upper target is $45 per share. Of course this could take some time this is a monthly chart. A easy way to play CDE would be to buy the March 2014 15 calls . The calls closed Friday at $2.05 which means the cost to hold the position is about .30 cents per month. Or if you want ...

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SLV Monthly Chart – Buy Zone



SLV could be sitting on a massive support level which means if you have ever thought about buying physical silver now could be a great time for a long term investment in the metals market. I own physical silver and I will be adding to that position most likely in the next few days if not tomorrow. If you are not the type to buy physical metals then SLV would be the way to play the long term support.

The SLV ...

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Watch the DOW



The DOW is coming up on its 1 to 1 wave in its current wave plus the inverted 1.618% target. It is obviously counter trend to think down at this point but we could be getting to the point where the move up runs out of steam.


DOW 15,155 is the level but if the 60 min DOW chart closes a DOJI then takes out the low of the DOJI that could ...

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SPY Update – 3 Hours Of Free Videos


I always talk about hidden levels in the markets. They are hidden because no one sees them. They are not normal levels and that is why the move off of them can be so powerful.

Looking at the DOW daily chart the question right now is which high are we are that was in the past. If we look back ...

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Long Or Short?



From the 11.16 low the market has went straight up. There was timing and price support on the 11.16 low. You can go back on the blog and see the videos we did as the market was coming into that low.

While it seems like the move has been straight up ...

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Webinar + Market Update


Free Webinar Wednesday Nov 28th: Better Trader Workshop

Join this Better Trader Workshop with four of the best instructors in the business. This is one webinar you won’t want to miss!



11.25 Market update

As the market came into the SPY $135 level we did multiple updates on how the move down was still coming into support. Right when it feels so obvious to be short, the market will short squeeze from ...

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Video- SPY Follow Up






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SPY Support Update



As a follow-up from the last post the markets are bouncing from the anticipated support level on the SPY. The market this morning taking out the lows of yesterday by .40 cents is a good sign for the low to be put in. Most of the time there is one final spike low into the support to suck everyone in short one more time. For the market to short squeeze ...

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SPY Follow UP $135.16



In the last video there was two senarios we were looking at. (1) A quick move up to the .382 then a move down to $135.16 or (2) the market just goes down into $135.16. Today the SPY hit the $135.18 on the low of the day then closed above the low of yesterday. Remember that there was timing on 11/14 and 11/18. On a closing basis the low of ...

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SPY Update


In the las video we looked at multiple situations that could play out. It is important to flow with price and as the bars develop you flow with each outlook meaning; we want to get odds as the bars print to see which situations plays out.

We noted the 11/14 as a potential turn date. Today I received an important email from someone who used to only give his info to major ...

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Important Video Update



Market Update Video

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AAPL – Market Update



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SPY Support Update + AAPL


From the last post we noted that the SPY was sitting at support. The odds said the market short squeezed to the upside which is happening today. Over the next two days the market could come down to make a ...

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SPY Market Update – Watch Support


Last week 95% of the commentary on TV was negative. There was a lot of talk about the bullish trend line being broken and that the market has confirmed its down-trend. Every time the market starts to correct to the downside the bears come out and say we are going lower. If you have followed this blog over the last two years we have said ...

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