Pay Per Pick

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Pay-Per-Pickis a unique service in that you only pay for the winning trades. Each pick has a profit guarantee built in. Please understand that we are not guaranteeing that every trade will be profitable but we are guaranteeing that you will only pay us for the winning trades. With our proprietary credit system you can pick and choose which trades you want to take and trade as much or as little as you like. This service is built for the trader that will not get full value from a monthly fee newsletter but still wants to participate and follow the markets.

With each alert you will see the chart we are trading with our prediction of where price is going. If you feel as though the chart pattern is valid you can purchase the pick with one of your pre purchased credits and then you will get the full details of the trade symbol, entry, target1, target2 and stop loss. If the trade achieves our 1st target then that credit will be deducted from your account. If the trade hits the stop loss before the 1st target then the credit will be placed back into your account.


Important Note: We can only assume that you took action upon buying the pick meaning; if we are triggered into the trade based on price you took the trade and the credit will be either deducted or placed back into your account based on the outcome of the trade NOT if you specifically entered the trade or not. This means if you do not take the trade you will still be charged. We are not brokers and we do not have access to your account and we are not in the business of confirming trades we are in the business of offering our option picks. We use Yahoo Finance for our quotes for this service so everyone can see the same thing no matter which broker you personally use.


Important Note #2: We do not give money refunds for unused credits. We only allow our members to buy three credits at a time. This means we do not allow someone to make a big purchase on our site then ask for a refund. We are not in the business of transferring money and we will not give money refunds so please only purchase credits you intend to use

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